Gordon's Quests (RF2)


[edit] First Generation Quests

[edit] First Quest

Gordon needs you to get him an Amethyst from Blessia Island. His advice is to "run around busting rocks around there," and if you do just that, you'll have one in no time. He can't do it himself, since there's monsters there. Being a pacifist, he wouldn't be able to defend himself! He says to avoid doing anything that would go against God, and gives you a Hammer to make it easier. After you get the Amethyst, bring it to him, and you'll be rewarded with 400G. You keep the Hammer that he gives you.

[edit] Second Quest

Another quest that involves getting a gem. This time it's an Aquamarine. You can find one in Trieste Forest by smashing rocks. The reward for this one is 600G and 100 pieces of wood.

[edit] Third Quest

In this one you'll have to find a Sturdy String. Spiders drop them at night. Since you can only get it at night, you have to wait until morning the next day to complete the quest. Your reward is 600G.

[edit] Fourth Quest

Like the first and second quest, you have to find a gem. The gem in question is a Diamond. You can find these in the Padova Mountains by smashing rocks. Your reward for this is 700G.

[edit] Fifth Quest

Gordon's last first generation quest. He gives you a Blessing Pendant he made from the items. It's Dorothy proposal item, and in order to marry Dorothy, you need to give it to her.

[edit] Second Generation Quests

[edit] First Quest

For this quest, you'll have to deliver a Courage Badge to Roy. The reward for this is 400G.

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