Fishing (MFoMT)

Fishing in MFoMT.

Fishing can be good for making money, but it is not the best source. You can sell fish, cook or eat them. To fish you need to equip your pole then stand next to the water. After the hook goes and you see the bobber on the surface and when you jerk press the B button to reel it in. Sometimes you will catch garbage instead of fish, but don't litter! Throw it away in the garbage can instead. You will also catch different fish depending on what level your fishing pole is and where about you are fishing. Normal fish aren't very special. They are found in random fishing spots at different times and seasons. You can either take them home with you to cook, throw them back in the sea, or keep them in your watering hole. There are some special fish though: King Fish.

For more tips on fishing, switch on your TV every Monday and go to the ever changing channel! Angler Jake will give you info on fishing and point out different places that you can find different fish for the season you are in. It's up to you to decide what fishing pole to use though!

[edit] King Fish

King fish are the legendary fish. They are so large that when you catch one you are not allowed to take it with you. Instead you will get a print of it. Also you need to meet certain requirements before you can just go out and catch them. The first one is to get a cursed or blessed fishing pole.

  • A Catfish is found at the Waterfall in Winter, and has no requirement.
  • A Monkfish is found in the Sea in Spring and Winter, between 10pm and 8am.
  • A Jp. Hutchen is found Downstream in any season, and to find it you must cook Sushi, Sashimi, and Grilled Fish
  • A Carp is found in the Lake or Spring in Summer and Autumn, you must ship 200 fish to catch it.
  • A squid can be found anytime in the Sea, and to catch it you must throw in a small fish as bait.
  • A Coelancanth is probably the rarest fish in the game. It is found in the pond on the ninth floor of the Winter Mine, and can only be caught after catching all of the other king fish first.

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