Fishing (AnWL)

[edit] Profits

In AnWL, fishing is a very profitable way to earn your living.

Fish can be found in different sizes and different kinds. The more rare the fish, the larger profit it maes. Bigger sizes of the same kind will also earn more money. For instance, a Big Huchep will earn more than a Huchep. However, different kinds of fish are worth more than others. For example, a Yamame is worth more than a Big Huchep, because Yamames are more rare.

[edit] Location, Location, Location

It's all about the location. There are different spots where you can fish in AnWL, which will get you more fish. The waterfall beside the excavation site is the most profitable spot, because the fish there are more high in value. However, the rarest fish, the Huge Sharshark, is found downstream. Although it is worth more, they are rare and extremely hard to find, meaning that fishing downstream isn't as profitable as fishing near the waterfall.

[edit] The Fish

What? How much? Where?
Tiny Arna 300G Spring
Arna 400G Swamp/Spring
Big Arna 400G Spring
Tiny Columbo 10G Swamp/Downstream
Columbo 20G Swamp/Downstream
Big Columbo 40G Swamp/Downstream
Huge Columbo 100G Swamp/Downstream
Huchep 90G Upstream
Big Huchep 170G Upstream
Huge Huchep 250G Upstream
Nayame 60G Upstream
Big Nayame 130G Upstream
Huge Nayame 200G Upstream
Snelt 30G Spring/Downstream
Big Snelt 60G Spring/Downstream
Huge Snelt 100G Spring/Downstream
Tiny Sharshark 500G Downstream
Sharshark 600G Downstream
Big Sharshark 1200G Downstream
Huge Sharshark 2500G Downstream
Rainbob 80G Downstream
Big Rainbob 150G Downstream
Huge Rainbob 500G Downstream
Tiny Yamame 300G Swamp/Upstream
Yamame 500G Swamp/Upstream
Big Yamame 1000G Swamp/Upstream
Huge Yamame 2000G Swamp/Upstream

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