Fishing in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody (Wii).

Found in every Harvest Moon game, fish can be caught using the Fishing Rod, which most of the time has to be unlocked by activating some sort of heart event. In most of the games the fish species are the same, and can be found in the same places, but sometimes they vary.

In certain Harvest Moon games, there are also special types of "King" fish that can be caught and recorded as something similar to trophies. Most of the time, you can only catch these fish in certain places, and certain requirements must be fulfilled, like the time of day or what level fishing rod is needed.

Fish can be used to cook with in your kitchen, or they can be used to give as gifts or of course, make money. There are also TV shows on fishing in the games, where a ‘famous angler’ will tell you where you can find certain fish and when, and sometimes (though not often), that angler will tell you what type of rod you need to use.

Fishing is an easy way to make money and uses less energy than farming does, but it is quite time consuming. However, many people do enjoy fishing and it has become one of the most favorite ways to make money in Harvest Moon.

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