Festivals - Sunshine Islands

Festivals range from romantic events to contests. The prize for winning first place in a festival is a wonderful. Unlike IoH, the color of the wonderful you will receive is not determined by your farming degree. It is instead determined by two things: The weather that will occur two days after the festival, and the day of the week the festivals lands on. The list goes as follows:
Festival took place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday:

* Red Wonderful - Clear Weather
* Orange Wonderful - Rainy Weather
* Yellow Wonderful - Sunny Weather
* Green Wonderful - Drizzly Weather
* Blue Wonderful - Cloudy Weather
* Purple Wonderful - Snowy Weather
* Indigo Wonderful - Stormy Weather

Festival took place on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday:

* Red Wonderful - Drizzly Weather
* Orange Wonderful - Cloudy Weather
* Yellow Wonderful - Clear Weather
* Green Wonderful - Stormy Weather
* Blue Wonderful - Sunny Weather
* Purple Wonderful - Rainy Weather
* Indigo Wonderful - Snowy Weather

[edit] Seasonal Festivals

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