Festivals (MFoMT)

There are several annual festivals that take place in the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Some of them are simply fun to watch and attend, and others are competitions where you can win great prizes! Try them all out to enhance your gaming experience. Have fun!

Here are some festivals you can attend or participate in. Zack won't pick up your shipment on the day of the festival but he will pick it up the next day and you will get your money then.


[edit] Spring Festivals

New Year's

           Spring 1 | 6PM-12AM | Free rice cake | R.Square

Spring Thanksgiving

           Spring 14 | Boys give girls chocolate | Your farm

Spring Horse Race

           Spring 18 | 10AM-6PM |  Horse races/gambling | R.Square

Cooking Festival

           Spring 22 | 10AM-6PM | Cooking contest | R.Square

[edit] Summer Festivals

Beach Day

           Summer 1 | 10AM-6PM | Dog Frisbee contest | M.Beach

Chicken Festival

           Summer 7 | 10AM-6PM | Chicken fighting | R.Square

Cow Festival

           Summer 20 | 10AM-6PM | Cow judging | R.Square

Fireworks Festival

           Summer 24 | 6PM-9PM | Watch fireworks | M.Beach

[edit] Fall Festivals

Music Festival

           Fall 3 | 6PM-12AM | Sing and play music | Church

Harvest Festival

           Fall 9 | 10AM-6PM | Bring food for pot | R.Square

Moon Festival

           Fall 13 | 6PM-12AM | Watch moon w/Boy | Peak of Mother's Hill

Fall Horse Race

           Fall 18 | 10AM-6PM | Horse races/gambling | R.Square

Sheep Festival

           Fall 21 | 10AM-6PM  | Sheep judging | R.Square

Pumpkin Festival

           Fall 30 | Give treats to kids | Your farm
           Fall 30 | 12PM-12AM | Celebrate w/ husband | Your farm

[edit] Winter Festivals

Winter Thanksgiving

           Winter 14  | Girls give boys chocolate

Starry Night

           Winter 24 | 6PM-9PM | Celebrate w/ a boy | Varies depending on bachelor
           Winter 24 | 12PM-12AM | Celebrate w/ husband | Your farm

Stocking Festival

           Winter 25  | Get presents | Your farm

New Year's Eve

           Winter 30 | 6PM-12AM | Free Noodles | R.Square
           Winter 30 | 12AM | Watch 1st Sunrise | Peak of M.Hill

[edit] Other

  • Harvest Festival - If you put chocolate, poisonous mushroom, or red grass in, you'll faint and everyone else will feel kinda sick. You'll also end up with less stamina for the day.
  • Moon Festival - You don't invite your loved one up there. The boy who loves you the most will be waiting at the peak for you.
  • Stocking Festival- Sleep only between 9PM-12AM (if you have a sock)


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