Festivals (HMDS)

There are four seasons in a year on Harvest Moon DS, and in each season there are festivals to help take your mind off of farming and just have fun. The day before the festival is to occur you might get a visit from the villager who is in charge of the event. While at your house they'll tell you the date and time that the festival is to happen. Sometimes the villagers won't bother to remind you, but there is a calendar in your house that highlights all of the special events.

On festivals that happen at night you'll automatically be sent to bed once you leave. Be sure to eat something or use your Goddess Earrings to recharge once you wake up, because your fatigue and strength points aren't restored.


[edit] Spring Festivals

New Years Day (left) the Cooking Contest (right).

Spring 1 ~ New Years Day

This festival begins at 10:00am and ends at 6:00pm, at the Beach. Yourself and other of the Valley folks will make Rice Cakes by pounding rice. Once the festival is over, the Mayor, Thomas, will even let you take home ten Rice Cakes! You are free to do whatever you want with them.

Spring 14 ~ Spring Thanksgiving:

This festival gives you a chance to give Cookies to anyone you like. However, this festival was actually meant to help you increase a single bachelorette's love points. Or just simply give it to all of the girls! Luckily for you, their Love Points will increase by 1000.

Spring 18 ~ Duck Festival:

This festival begins at 10:00am and it ends at 6:00pm. You can choose to participate or just watch. The day before the Festival (Spring 17th), Popuri will come by for a visit. Mainly because she wants to know if you would like one of your Ducks to join the competition! If you do, then she'll take your Duck away for the festival the next day. Don't worry, the duck will be fed while it's gone. If your Duck wins, then you will earn 100 points towards your Farm Degree and your Duck will increase it's level. If your Duck doesn't win, then nothing happens. You will just simply have to try again the next year! The more hearts your duck has, the better chance of it winning. You're almost guaranteed to win at 9-10 hearts.

Spring 22 ~ Cooking Contest:

This is another festival in which you can participate or just watch. But if your planning to participate you must own a kitchen and the utensils. This festival begins at 10:00am to 12:00pm at the Beach. Between those hours, you can talk to the Gourmet, so you'll know what utensil you have to use to make a winning recipe. You will then have to leave, cook up something, and come back to the Beach before 6:00pm. Four other people will also join the competition. If your entry was good, then you'll win. If not, then someone else will win. If you do happen to win, then you will earn 100 points towards your Farm Degree.

[edit] Summer Festivals

Beach Opening Day (above) and the Fireworks (below).

Summer 01 ~ Beach Opening Day: This festival begins at 1:00pm and ends at 6:00pm. It is meant to celebrate the opening of Kai's snack shack. Since he only visits in the Summer, it would be a shame not to go, right?

Summer 07 ~ Chicken Festival:

You can participate or just watch for this festival, too. Like the Duck Festival, Popuri will come the day before to ask you if you'd like one of your chickens to join the competition! This festival begins at 10:00am and ends at 6:00pm at the Beach. Also, just like the Duck Festival, if you win your chicken will also increase it's level. Once again, the more hearts your little chicken has the more likely it is to win.

Summer 20 ~ Cow Festival:

Instead of Popuri, Rick will come by for a visit the day before this festival. He will ask you if you'd like one of your cows to join the competition. However, their are certain requirements in order for your cow to be entered. It has to be an adult and it cannot be sick or in the stage of pregnancy. This festival begins at 10:00am and ends at 6:00pm at the Beach.

Summer 24 ~ Fireworks:

This festival begins at 6:00pm and ends at 9:00pm at the Beach. All five bachelorettes (Nami, Lumina, Muffy, Celia, and Flora) will be at the Beach and a few of the villagers, too. The Special Girls (Witch Princess, Harvest Goddess, Keria, and Liae) are not included. You can watch the fireworks with any of the five bachelorettes if they are at a Green Heart or higher, but only one of them. If they are all of them are at a Green Heart, then the one with the higher love points will watch the fireworks with you. If none of them have a Green Heart then you will have to watch the fireworks with Kassey and Patrick. If your married, you will obviously watch them with your wife.

[edit] Fall Festivals

Fall 09 ~ Harvest Festival:

This festival is when yourself and some other folks in the Valley will meet together at the Beach to make a giant stew. This festival requires you to participate, so it's a good idea to have some type of crop prepared in advance. You must bring something (anything) to add to the stew. Now if you raise a level 100 Poisonous Mushroom using your Mushroom House and add it to the pot, you will actually poison everyone. Then your credits will show up. But don't worry, your game doesn't end! But every one's Friend Points will decrease.

Fall 21 ~ Sheep Festival:

This festival begins at 10:00am and ends at 6:00pm. Like the Cow Festival, Rick will come by the day before asking you if you'd like to enter one of your sheep into the competition. You can choose to participate or just watch. If you do enter, your sheep cannot be sick or be in the stage of pregnancy like your cow. Also, the sheep that you enter must have a full body of wool.

Fall 30 ~ Pumpkin Festival:

This festival is a day where you can give some type of sweet (Cookies, Cake, Chocolate) to the children that come by your house. Hugh, Kate, Popuri (she didn't want to be left out!) will be the only ones who will come by, but at different times. You will have to leave your house between 6:00am - 7:00am to see Kate. You will have to leave your house between 8:00am - 9:00am to see Hugh. To see Popuri, you will have to leave your house between 10:00am - 11:00am. Luckily, for you their Friend Points will increase by 20.

[edit] Winter Festivals

Winter 14 ~Winter Thanksgiving:

This festival is similar to the Spring Thanksgiving, except it's you who's getting the gift! Winter Thanksgiving is where you will be receiving chocolate. However, you will have to have the bachelorettes at a Purple Heart or higher. If you leave your house between 6:00am - 7:00am, Lumina will be there. If you leave your house between 8:00am - 9:00am, Celia will be there. If you leave your house between 10:00am - 11:00am, Flora will be there. If you leave your house between 12:00am - 1:00am, Muffy will be there. If you leave your house between 2:00am - 3:00am, Nami will be there. The Special Girls will not come at all. If you are married, your wife will hide a piece of Chocolate Cake in the night after you go to bed. Just don't have anything equipped.

The Starry Night Festival (left) and New Years Eve (right).

Winter 24: Starry Night:

This Festival is where you can spend sometime with one of the bachelorettes. The only ones who do not participate in this event are Keria and the bachelorettes from Mineral Town. The day before (Winter 23rd) go to any girl that you like, that has a Green heart or higher. She will invite you to spend the evening with her the next day. If your going to spend time with Flora, you'll have to meet her at her tent house. For Celia, you'll have to meet her at Vesta's house. For Nami, you'll have to meet her at the Inner Inn. For Lumina, you'll have to meet her at her mansion in her bedroom. For Muffy, you'll have to meet her at the Blue Bar. If you want to spend the night with one of the Special Girls, you will spend the evening at your own house. All you have to do is go inside your house at 6:00pm and then exit.

Winter 25 ~ Stocking Festival:

You will need a stocking for this festival. All you need to do is raise Nina's Friend Points to 200 or higher. Then give her some Yarn during the 1st - 23rd of Winter. She will knit you a stocking. Now you just need to hang it up in your house. You will need to go to bed after 9:00pm and Mayor Thomas will come by for a visit. He will leave you a gift in your stocking, so be sure to check inside it the next day!

Winter 30 ~ New Years Eve:

This festival begins at 6:00pm at the Beach. If you don't have anything equipped in any of your slots, then you will be given some Buckwheat Flour or some Buckwheat Noodles to take home.

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