Many kinds of new features have been introduced to Rune Factory Frontier.


[edit] Looking up

To look up, simply press the 1 button. Looking up serves several purposes, such as stargazing, attracting runeys, and predicting whether.
Stargazing can be done at the observatory, which is near the top of the Mountain Pass. Constellation Events can occur by stargazing, and each event has a special effect.
Looking up also attracts runeys to float above you. You can use this method to catch them easier.

[edit] Bath-house Events

Bath-house events are events that happen when you take a bath at a certain time. You'll hear voices from the other bath, and this gives you a chance to learn more about the character. You'll pass out afterwards, and have a very small bit of your RP taken.

[edit] Picking Items

Unlike other Harvest Moon games, when you drop an item it doesn't automatically disappear. Instead, the item you dropped stays there until you leave the area.

[edit] Spells

Instead of having spell books like in the previous Rune Factory games, spells can now be used through a rod. Rods can be home-made, though the first you get for free by completing a task from Erik.

[edit] Animated Scenes

Some scenes, such as when you first meet a girl, are animated. They are presented like a short movie, and can be viewed again by selecting memories.

[edit] Runeys

New to the Harvest Moon series, Runeys greatly influence this game. Runeys give players an opportunity to make their crops grow faster. If you don't take care of these Runeys, they will eventually fade away, ruining your crop growth.

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