Farming (AnWL)

Growing crops is a good way of making money. You will need to buy seeds from Vesta’s farm before you can do anything else.

Here are the prices of Crop Seeds that you get from Vesta:

  • Tomato - 30G
  • Watermelon - 60G
  • Melon - 50G
  • Strawberry - 30G
  • Turnip - 20G
  • Potato - 40G
  • Carrot - 30G
    A screenshot of farming in Another Wonderful Life.
  • Sweet Potato - 40G
  • Peach - 1120G
  • Orange - 820G
  • Grape - 900G
  • Banana - 1500G
  • Apple - 820G

Now that you have bought your seeds, you need to know what seasons they are grown in:

  • Tomato - Spring through Fall
  • Watermelon - Spring through Summer
  • Melon - Summer through Fall
  • Strawberry - Fall through Spring
  • Turnip - Summer through Winter
  • Potato - Winter through Spring
  • Carrot - Fall through Winter
  • Sweet Potato - Fall
  • Peach - Summer
  • Orange - Summer
  • Grape - Fall
  • Banana - Summer
  • Apple - Fall

Once you have bought your crops, use a hoe to make the ground plantable. Then, go to the menu a select a crop to plant. Once planted, water them twice a day (when the ground looks dry). When they have grown, pick them off the ground to sell or to duplicate. If you want the grade of one to go up, use fertilizer (bought from Vesta) on them regularly. Also, if you use the Seed Maker, you can duplicate your seeds.

Do not plant crops within 8 squares of a tree otherwise they will die. Trees are bought from Vesta and can be planted at any time of the year. Trees don't need to be watered at all, except when you first plant them. They may be planted at any time but they will only produce fruit in the set season after they have fully grown. Here is the way to plant them:


A hybrid between a Peach and Orange Tree. Name: Lanmunge Tree.

X = Tree
O = Empty Space

After chapter 2, follow Takakura around and when he enters his house before 10 PM (When he goes to bed), you will obtain Tartan. Tartan is a two headed plant that can mix to different types of crops to make a whole new type. When you first meet him you will need to talk to him a lot before he offers you the chance to hybrid. When you do get the option, mix two different types of plant and see what comes out. Hybrid plants sell for a bit more g than normal ones. There are a lot of different Hybrids so you will have to experiment. Also, after obtaining Tartan, talk to Takakura and he will offer to buy you a Big Field, where you can plant LOTS of crops!

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