Farming (AWL:SE)

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Growing crops is a good way of making money. You will need to buy seeds from Vesta’s farm before you can do anything else.

[edit] Hybrids

Enter Takakura’s house at around 6.00AM to meet Tartan. Tartan is a two headed plant that can mix to different types of crops to make a whole new type. When you first meet him you will need to talk to him a lot before he offers you the chance to hybrid. When you do get the option, mix two different types of plant and see what comes out. Hybrid plants sell for a bit more gold than normal ones. There are a lot of different Hybrids so you will have to experiment.

[edit] Prices

Here are the prices of Crop Seeds that you get from Vesta:

  • Tomato = 30G
  • Watermelon = 60G
  • Melon = 50G
  • Strawberry = 30G
  • Turnip = 20G
  • Potato = 40G
  • Carrot = 30G
  • Sweet Potato = 40G
  • Peach = 1120G
  • Orange = 820G
  • Grape = 900G
  • Banana = 1500G
  • Apple = 820G

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