Farming in Rune Factory Frontier is fairly simple, but is also the fastest and easiest way to get money.


[edit] Starting Off

If you want to farm, your going to have to have to know these basic tips so that your crops will grow succesfully and you will not waste money.

[edit] The Tools

Before you can begin farming, your going to need tools. The basic tools are simple to get and should be gotten early in the game. These basic tools include:

  • Cheap Hoe: Recieved by Mist at the start of the game.
  • Cheap Watering Can: Recieved by Mist at the start of the game.
  • Cheap Hammer: Talk to Melody inside of Whale Island.
  • Cheap Sickle: Talk to Erik after tilling 45 plots of land.
  • Cheap Axe: Talk to Stella after tilling 45 plots of land.

[edit] Preparing the Field

You will notice that the first plot of land on Homestead that you recieve has many weeds/herbs, pebbles, small/large rocks, twigs, and stumps. All of these items laying on your field can interrupt your farming so the best thing to do is to clear as much of it as you can to make 3x3 empty plots of land. 3x3 is the set spot where you will plant seeds. Here is how to remove each of the items on the field:

  • Weeds: Can be either removed by hand to sell for a low price or chopped with any level sickle with one simple hit.
  • Herbs: Can also be removed by hand to sell or kept for making medicine later on, or you can remove them with any level sickle and one simple hit.
  • Twigs: Can be removed by any level axe with one simple hit.
  • Pebbles: Can be removed by any level hammer with one simple hit.
  • Medium Rock: Can be removed by medium level hammers with one special hit.
  • Stump: Can be removed by medium level axes with six special hits.
  • Large Rock: Can be removed by high level hammers with 3 special hits.

Its also good to remember that higher level tools will not require as much energy or hits to remove items. For example a medium level axe takes six special hits to remove a stump, a high level axe only used three. The better your tools the easier it is to clear your field without using precious energy.

[edit] Types of Weeds/Herbs

There are multiple types of weeds and herbs that can grow on your farm. Every type sells for only 10G when shipped and Rosetta doesn't like it when weeds are shipped. The types include:

  • Bamboo Shoot: Food ingredient that sells for 110G.
  • Weeds: The basic typeof weed that are most commonly seen.
  • Wilted Grass: Weeds that have been caught in a storm will become wilted grass the next day.
  • Black Grass: Used to make medicine. Only appear after rain/storms/snow.
  • White Grass: Used to make medicine. Only appear after rain/storms/snow.
  • Red Grass: Used to make medicine.
  • Green Grass: Used to make medicine.
  • Blue Grass: Used to make medicine.
  • Purple Grass: Used to make medicine.
  • Orange Grass: Used to make medicine.
  • Red Grass: Used to make medicine.

[edit] Planting Your First Crop

In the beginning of the game Mist will give one bag of Turnip seeds. To plant these it is very simple. Just follow this order:

  • Use your hoe to til a 3x3 area of land. Remember that you can not til land that has one of the items from the last section on it. Also remember that with a hammer you can un-til a plot of land.
  • Take out your bag of seeds. You'll notice that under your feet and in each square around you the plots of land will be highlights. This means that those are the spots that the seeds will be planted on. Go into the center of your 3x3 area and use the seeds to plant them.
  • Next take out your watering can. To fill up your watering can, press A by the well above the upper right part of the field. You will have to water each small plot of land seperatly. Once this is done your first plant has been securely planted.
  • Every day water your plants and you will notice they will start to grow a little more and more.
  • Once the turnips are fully grown you can harvest them. Harvesting only requires your hands and the A button, so pick each one.
  • Some plants will grow more then once, like strawberries, if this is the case then they will leave behind a plant in the earlier stages of growth in the plot of land. Dont cut it because it will grow back! This is not the case with Turnips though, you will notice after picking them the land will become empty.
  • If you'd like to sell your Turnips, place them in the shipping bin outside the upper left part of your farming land.

[edit] Knowing Your Seeds

The best way of obtaining seeds is by purchasing them at one of the few sellers around the island. Although seeds may seems expensive, they are worth it in the end. Remember to always check if a plant regrows over time. These are usually cheaper and don't sell for as much, but the collective amount adds up. Seeds can only be planted during their respective season. A turnip planted on your field in Autumn will not grow, but seasons do not exist in plots of lands in caves. Also, nothing can be planted during the season of Winter.

[edit] Danny's Grocery

Danny is probably the laziest of the sellers and only stock a single type of seed. If you want it, then feel free to buy it from him.

  • Turnip Seed: 10G - Spring - 4 Day Growth - Can't Re-Harvest

[edit] Erik's Farm

Erik sells the widest variety of vegetable and fruit crops at his store. I suggest you shop here to purchase better crops that take longer to grow, but sell for larger sums.

  • Turnip Seed: 10G - Spring - 4 Day Growth - Can't Re-Harvest
  • Cucumber Seed: 680G - Spring - 10 Day Growth - Re-Harvest every 6 days
  • Cabbage Seed: 1020G - Spring - 8 Day Growth - Can't Re-Harvest
  • Strawberry Seed: 200G - Spring - 8 Day Growth - Re-Harvest every 2 days
  • Onion Seed: 660G - Summer - 8 Day Growth - Can't Re-Harvest
  • Tomato Seed: 420G - Summer - 10 Day Growth - Re-Harvest every 4 days
  • Corn Seed: 300G - Summer - 14 Day Growth - Re-Harvest every 3 days
  • Pumpkin Seed: 1125G - Summer - 12 Day Growth - Can't Re-Harvest
  • Pineapple Seed: 800G - Summer - 18 Day Growth - Re-Harvest every 7 days
  • Bell Pepper Seed: 400G - Autumn - 9 Day Growth - Re-Harvest every 4 days
  • Spinach Seed: 390G - Autumn - 5 Day Growth - Can't Re-Harvest
  • Eggplant Seed: 560G - Autumn - 9 Day Growth - Re-Harvest every 5 days
  • Yam Seed: 280G - Autumn - 6 Day Growth - Re-Harvest every 3
  • Carrot Seed: 810G - Autumn - 9 Day Growth - Can't Re-Harvest

[edit] Materia Store

Materia is located next to Danny's Grocery and will be available after meeting Rosetta, who owns the store. Materia sells seeds, but unlike Erik, her seeds are flower seeds. Most flowers take extremely long time to grow, which is why many of the flowers must be planted in caves that have no season or have a set season. Also, flowers can not be re-harvested.

  • Moondrop Seed: 460G - Spring - 4 Day Growth
  • Toy Herb Seed: 1900G - Spring - 15 Day Growth
  • Emery Flower Seed: 26000G - Spring - 120 Day Growth
  • Cherry Grass Seed: 12000G - Spring - 60 Day Growth
  • Lamp Grass Seed: 19000G - Spring - 90 Day Growth
  • Blue Crystal Seed: 22000G - Spring - 100 Day Growth
  • Pink Cat Seed: 1100G - Summer - 9 Day Growth
  • Green Crystal Seed: 22000G - Summer - 100 Day Growth
  • Fireflower Seed: 19000G - Summer - 90 Day Growth
  • Ironleaf Seed: 7000G - Summer - 40 Day Growth
  • Clover Seed: 12000G - Summer - 60 Day Growth
  • Charm Blue Seed: 1500G - Autumn - 12 Day Growth
  • Red Crystal Seed: 22000G - Autumn - 100 Day Growth
  • Pom-Pom Seed: 19000G - Autumn - 90 Day Growth
  • Noel Seed: 7000G - Autumn - 40 Day Growth

[edit] Damaged Crops

  • In the Summer season, random typhoons may hit your town. During these you can not go outside. The next day your field will be heavily damaged with rocks/wood. The worst part of typhoons is that they do have a chance of putting rocks/wood on top of your crops, killing them. Your best choice is to clear as much of your field as you can before the next season comes and before another typhoon happens.
  • During the Winter season, no crops can grow due to the harsh weather and conditions. This does not mean this season is a free for all. At the beginning of the season your entire field will be wiped of any items on your field and every day more and more will appear. The best you can do during this season is keep your field as clear as possible. During Winter, snowstorms may hit, which is equal to typhoons in Summer meaning you can no go outside that day. Luckily, you should have plenty of energy and time to clear the field before Spring starts.

[edit] The Runney Effect

Runney's are a major part of the game when it comes to farming because they effect the speed of which crops grow. If Runney's aren't balanced in every area the growth rates of crops will increase. If more and more areas become at risk or have no Runney's left at all then crops will be almost impossible to grow for two reasons; the great amount of time it takes and crops may randomly die. It suggested that you keep Runney's as balanced as you can. Also, the overall runeys in the areas affect the growth of crops in the caves; be sure to take care of them.

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