Events (GBC)

Certain events will happen throughout the game. These make the game a little bit more interesting. Try to get all the events. Sometimes there's stuff in it for you!

Beverages - One day Eve will come to your farm and ask you to try her new drink. The next time you visit her shop the juice will be available for purchase. She will also have apple juice in stock at a later date.

Collecting Eggs - After you have owned a chicken for a while a little girl will come to your farm. She has been sent by her grandmother to collect eggs for some reason. She pays you 75G per egg, but will later come back and ask you to return some of the money.

Flowers - Maria will come to your farm wondering if you've seen Nina. Maria explains that Nina didn't return home earlier. She then asks you to check around your farm. Go into your tool shed and then into the Sprite's cave. Nina will be there. She tells you that she was looking for some flowers and that she wanted to play with the sprites. Nina tells you that she had only thought an hour had passed, when in reality it had been a whole day. She then apologizes and returns home. When you get back at your house it will be 6 PM.

Get a Horse - On the 10th of Spring a horse will appear at your farm. Once you have named him you can keep him on your farm. A season later your horse will have grown into an adult. Once it's grown up you can buy the saddle bags from Ann. With these you can ship items. It's much easier to bring the horse with you and put items in it, instead of walking all the way to the shipping bin.

Lost Bird - One morning Ellen will come around your farm asking if you've seen her bird. She tells you to contact her if you happen to see it anywhere. The bird is located on the sign in front of the silo. Press the 'A' button at it to capture it. Ellen then shows up and thanks you, but decides that the bird should actually be free. She then lets it go.

Picnic - Nina will arrive at your house on the 27th of Spring. She'll ask you about having a picnic the next day. Tell her that you'd like to go and the next morning you'll have a picnic with her. Maria and Ellen will be there too. When the picnic is over you'll be back at your house. Don't forget to feed your animals and water your crops even though it's evening.

Star Gazing - Ann, Eve, and Ellen will come to your farm at some point in the summer. They'll ask if you want to spend a cool time with them. You'll end up going star gazing and be back at the farm around 9 PM.

Winter Moonlight - On the 24th of winter at around 6 PM the girls will invite you to watch the birth of the new season. While you're there Ellen will feed you cake. If you talk to her the event will be over, and you'll end up back on your farm at around 9 PM.

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