Eunice is an eligible bachelorette in the game Rune Factory Frontier. She is available immediately from the start; you'll meet her when you first walk into the Inn. Eunice is a little different than the traditional bachelorettes in that she is overweight, but this does nothing to hinder her pleasant and peaceful attitude. Eunice loves cooking and cleaning and performing daily household chores. Sometimes, you can see her in the bar washing the tables, and sometimes you can see her outside tending to the laundry. During most mornings, she will be sweeping in front of the Inn/Bar. She is the daughter of the owner of the inn and her mother is the bartender.

Birthday: Autumn 17

Favorite gift: Mont Blanc

Other good gifts: Cake, Chocolate Cake, Cheese Cake, Emery Flower

Hated gifts: Fish (every kind)

Constellation event: Autumn, broom constellation, after 12:40 am

Under certain circumstances, when Eunice's heart level reaches a certain number, you have the option to trigger a series of events where she will go on a diet and it will result in a "skinnier" Eunice.

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