Ending (GBC)

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On the last day of winter your grandfather's spirit will appear. You will tell you your statistics in such. If you meet the requirements, you will become the Ranch Master! To earn this title you must have the following.

  • Four fully grown chickens.
  • Four fully grown cows.
  • Shipped 4500 items.
  • Have all the house extensions.
  • Earned 65000G or more.
  • Plowed 1600 squares of soil.
  • Have a happiness rating of 250 or more.
  • Eaten six or more Powerberries.

Meeting all the requirements is pretty difficult and you might not be able to do it. If you do meet the requirements however, your grandfather will make your farm larger. If you don't meet the requirements he will give you three items. They are the following.

Fishing Rod: Catch Fish at the Goddess Pond.
Umbrella: Makes it rain the following day.
Pickaxe: Smash Rocks in the Sprite's Cave.

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