As Harvest Moon games are farming games, there are of course animals that are included in each game, and from the animals one gets various products. From chickens, you can get one of the most useful products: eggs.

Chickens produce eggs only when they are happy. If the chicken is not happy or is unhealthy it will not produce any eggs. The size and quality of the egg varies throughout the friendship levels you’re your chicken, and sometimes, if your friendship with your chicken is high enough, you might even manage to get a golden egg!

Eggs can be used in various ways, they can be used for cooking, they can be used as presents, and they can be sold for money via shipping. Depending on the size of the egg depends on the quality of cooking, amount of friendship points gained, or amount of money earned. Eggs can also hatch into chicks if put in the incubator!

Eggs can also be spa boiled by being thrown into the hot springs. In each Harvest Moon game there is an expert on chickens and eggs, and their ideal gift would be a type of egg. For example, Popuri, Lillia, and Rick from MFoMT and FoMT own a Poultry Farm.

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