Dog and Cat (HMDS)

Screenshot of petting Cat.

Though these lovable animals don't profit your farm much, they're great to have around. They will be at your farm when you first arrive on Spring 2, Year 1. The dog has a bit more use then the cat, in the way of fetch. At the beginning of the game Thomas will give you a dog ball. You can use the ball to train your dog, and when you've trained it enough it will fight off any wild dogs that appear on your farmland. Wild dogs have the ability to hurt and harm any animals left inside, so having a loyal puppy to scare it off is helpful. The cat doesn't do anything though, it just wanders around your house.

Neither the dog or cat requires any feeding. The only care you need to provide for them is petting. This can be done two ways: with the Touch Glove or by simply picking the animal up and setting it down. If you do not pet them, they will not get sick or unhappy, but you will never gain affection with them. Who wants to upset an animal?

Now, the touch glove. As stated earlier, the only way to care for a Dog and Cat is by petting. To do this with the glove, simply have it equipped and pick up your cat/dog by pressing A. The petting screen will appear on your bottom screen. Once the screen says "Start!" begin rubbing your animal with the stylus. Depending on where you rub it the animal will be happy (hearts) or angry (skulls). Try to keep your animal as happy as you can by rubbing it in non-sensitive areas. You will have ten seconds to do that, and when the time is up simply set your animal down again.

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