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This is a guide on having a child in Harvest Moon DS CUTE. After being married for a season or two, you will get pregnant. (You have to maintain your husband's heart level at red for this to work.) You'll wake up in the morning feeling sick so your husband takes you to Dr. Hardy. After a check-up, you two find out you're going to have a baby!

There are 3 stage of a child: Baby, Kid and Teenager. Each stage takes about 2 years to change. But after his/her teenager stage, your child will not grow anymore. Once your child is a kid, the game skips ahead a couple years, and the kid will be a teenager.

MarlinBlack hair with green and brown clothing
CarterBlonde hair with red clothing and purple stripes
RockBlonde hair with white clothing and blue stripes
GriffinBrown hair with brown and orange clothing
GustafaBrown hair with light blue clothing

If you want to choose your baby's gender, here's a tip:

To get a female child you must propose on an odd day, thus getting married on an even day and having you child on an even day!
To get a male child you must propose on an even day, thus getting married on an odd day and having your child on an odd day!
This strategy may not alwasy work, so be careful.

And one more thing! If you get married to Skye, the Phantom Thief, or any of the Mineral Town bachelors, your child's looks will vary. It is a completely random decision, so your child could look like Gustafa's child, or even Rock's child, even though you are married to Skye! If you want to get the exact style you want, save before the day of your child's birth. If the style of your child was the one you don't want, you could keep on reloading until you're happy with one.

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