Candace Tree of Tranquility

[edit] Tree of Tranquility

A very shy girl, Candace often keeps to herself and is nearly the opposite of her sister, Luna. She lives and works at the Tailor's with her grandmother, Shelly, and Luna, her sister.

Birthday: Winter 7th

Rival: Julius

Best Gifts: Shining Cocoon, Shining Wool, Shining Wool Yarn, Shining Flax Thread, Shining Silk Thread
Good Gifts: Lavender, Green Bell, Pearl, Shining Strawberry, Good Cocoon, Good Wool, Good Wool Yarn, any colored Wool Yarn, Good Flax Thread, any colored Flax Thread, Good Silk Thread, any colored Silk Thread, Black Pearl, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Stone
Bad Gifts: any Ore

Arrival: Candace will move onto the island first with her relatives after summoning Daren.

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