Animals (AWL)


[edit] Chickens

Chickens are bought for 900 and live in the chicken coop. They may be taken outside when it’s nice though. Remember to feed them often- The feed on "chicken feed" ordered from the ledger. Put it in the box in the middle of the coop and top it up every so often.

They produce three different types of eggs:

Regular: (40g) The regular eggs, you can either eat them yourself of sell them for a small profit

Fertilized: (50g) These eggs can be turned into a chick. You drop them into the incubator and it will hatch in a few days. (You need a rooster for these)

Golden: (300g) The best type of egg, you only get these if a chicken is well looked after (keeping them outside, picking them up ect)

[edit] Cows

A Cow from AWL.

You can order a cow from the ledger. They like to be well looked after and like spending time outdoors. To feed them cut the grass in the pen using a sickle. Once cut in the left hand side of the barn there will be a place to take the fodder. Take it and put it in the cows food space. Twice a day will be enough.

Female cows:

Female cows are possibly the best source of money in the game. They will not give milk forever though. After 40 days of giving milk you will have to get it pregnant again. You can do this by ordering the miracle potion, although the price ranges from the type of cow:

Price List
Type of Cow Price
Normal 2500G
Brown 3500G
Marble 3500G
Star 5500G

Once ordered Takakura will apply it to the cow as soon as possible. Once she is pregnant, the harvest sprites will put up a fence around her before she gives birth. Once she gives birth the calf will go inside a calf hut. Your cow can now give milk! For a few days she will produce mothers milk to feed to the calf. Other wise it will get sick. The cow can now give milk for another 40 days until you have to start the process over again. If you order a new cow you will have to wait 30 days to impregnate it since it’s not “mature” enough.


Milk Price List
Breed Grade B Grade A Grade S
Normal 75G 115G 150G
Brown 115G 175G 225G
Marble 115G 175G 225G
Star 270G 405G 540G

Each cow gives different types of milk depending on how well it’s looked after. Make sure you brush them, talk to them, feed them properly, snuggle them and let them out when it’s nice.

Male cows:

Male cows are really for getting a female cow pregnant. That is their only use, they will randomly impregnate cow (once they have matured).

[edit] Ducks


If you buy the pond before the second year and wake up after your wife in the second chapter, she will say that you have ducks. Chose to keep them and they will be yours. Ducks will not produce eggs, it’s the chickens that do. You can then sell the duckling when it’s hatched for 500g (make sure you have no more than 6 chickens to get the ducks)

[edit] Goats

You can buy goats from van at the beginning of chapter two. They only produce milk for a year then they are worthless. You cannot sell them or breed them so the only option is to kill it. To kill it always leave it outside. Although this means you have to push all of the other animal's in yourself. Never feed it and never wash it or talk to it. It will die soon enough! You could always keep it as a pet though!

[edit] Sheep

A Sheep from AWL.

Sheep are there for providing wool. You can shear them once a season, but to do this you will need clippers. Buy these from the ledger then you're set. Normal wool gives you 75g where golden gives you around 600g. To get golden, wash them a couple of times JUST before shearing them. This is will give you golden wool every time.

[edit] Cat

If you are friends with Romana she will drop by sometime in the second chapter and offer you a cat. If you want it then accept, it’s just the same as the dog but it looks different and it doesn't chase away people walking around your farm.

[edit] Horse

Your Horse in AWL.

You will get the horse sometime in spring/fall. (Some times if you order something the day before it was supposed to come, you wont get it for a long time) Once you have it you can ride it by going up to it by pressing A. This makes getting to certain places much quicker! The horse doesn’t die and it has no other use than riding so it doesn’t matter if you don’t feed it or look after it that well.

[edit] Dog

At the beginning of the game you will chose between two dogs. The dog has no real use apart from scaring away people wondering around your farm if it is happy. You don’t have to feed it (it wont die) but if you want too then just put an egg or anything you can find into it’s food bowl. (next to his kennel)

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